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Several language teachers working in SICHUAN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES UNIVERSITY founded CHONGQING FATHOM LANGUAGE LIMITED (FL). FL mainly deals with translations and interpretation. It is the only translation company to have been admitted to the CHONGQING TRANSLATORS ASSOCIATION. It is also the only translation company in Chongqing to have employed native speakers.

All of our founder members have been teaching foreign languages in SICHUAN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES UNIVERSITY. They are expert translators as well as excellent teachers. Besides the advantages of being allied with SICHUAN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES UNIVERSITY (SISU), FL co-operates with about 200  in-house translators and carefully selected professional associates in various trades in Chongqing. These include senior translation proofreaders, experienced translators, institute researchers, and people who have spent years overseas.

FL makes use of a range of CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools, such as Trados to ensure consistency in the use of your multilingual terminology. The core of our terminology management system is Word Bank, an interactive, Intranet-based library of terminology in all relevant languages.  FL offers client-specific Word Banks that allow anyone in your organization immediate access to just the right words in the language you need. FL can also provide Word Bank technology for translation agencies.

In accordance with THE TRANSLATORS CHARTER of the International Federation of Translators, ISO9001 Quality Assurance Certification and THE SPECIFICATION FOR TRANSLATION ( GB/T 19363.1-2003), FL makes it a rule that all translations must be done with “high quality, low price, great efficiency, customer convenience and absolute confidentiality”. That is why FL has been able to provide an excellent, professional and comprehensive translation service for government agencies, enterprises, research institutions, associations, and individuals.

FL provides a full range of language services from translation, copywriting, editing, terminology bank, and DTP service. It mainly deals with translations and various interpretations both from and to languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, and Russian in most industries covering:  business, finance, trade; foreign affairs, education, culture, social sciences, tourism, journalism; automobile, machinery, chemistry, road and bridge engineering, civil engineering, electric power, metallurgy; life science; Laws; electronics, PC technology and IT.

As China opens up more to the outside world in the fields of society, the arts, and economics, Chongqing is also growing into a metropolis. During this process, many more translators will be needed. Being aware of this, FL will maintain a close alliance with SISU, adopt the strategies of “Specialization, Standardization, Mass-production, and computerization” so as to do its part for the trade of translation throughout the social and economic development of Chongqing. We firmly believe that with your support and our efforts, FL will become an authoritative translation company in Chongqing.

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