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"New Silk Road" boosts ties between Chongqing and Xinjiang

Date:2013/08/12 11:18

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CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- The news group of Media Tour along Yuxin'ou (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) Railway arrived in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on August 8, 2013.

Urumqi is the core of China’s economic and trade cooperation with central and western Asian areas. People, logistics and information of eastern, central and western areas all gather here. "Yuxin'ou" International Railway Freight Channel has further made Urumqi the transport hub to connect Asia with Europe. The development of Urumqi and even the whole Xinjiang has been equipped with another strong force.

Chongqing Energy Investment Group (CEIG) officially established Xinjiang Lantian Mining Co., Ltd. in June 2009. And as the wholly-owned subsidiary of CEIG with the largest amount of across-the-province investment, Lantian plans to invest 10 billion yuan to construct coal mines to the east of Great South Lake of Hami District, Xinjiang. It is expected that its capacity will reach 30 million tons a year once it is put in operation in 2014.

It happens that Ziguang Chemical Limited Liability Company of Chongqing has its production base (with domestic advanced level) of fine chemical intermediates in Kuche County of Xinjiang. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the company will implement the construction plan with a total investment of 5 billion yuan in 3 stages and once it is completed, the annual sales volume may amount to 6 billion yuan.

Chongqing can establish bases of related competitive industries and logistics distribution and processing centers in Urumqi. The 2 parties (Chongqing and Urumqi) should join hands to promote the development of commercial and logistics industry and create the strategic highland of exporting to the west, suggested the deputy secretary of party committee of Urumqi. The opening of "Yuxin'ou" International Railway Freight Channel further enriches the freight transport means between Asia and Europe and improves logistics efficiency. It will play a more significant role in fostering the opening and development and economic development of the countries and areas along the way. Chongqing and Urumqi, the 2 pearls along this "New Silk Road" will shine brightly altogether. (Translated by Zhang Xi, Fathom Language Limited)


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