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Chongqing Grand Theatre's show season

Date:2014/02/13 11:36

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Zhao Chuan, a Taiwanese pop singer.

The South Korean comic musical 'BIBAP – Mixed Rice'

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- During the show season from February 22., 2014, various shows including dramas, musicals, ballets, singing and dancing, concerts and vocal concerts will be staged at the Chongqing Grand Theatre.
The National Ballet of China has scheduled two ballets, the classic The Red Detachment of Women and The Little Mermaid, each to be performed twice. The arranged shows also include The Thousand-Hand Kwan-Yin, a large-scale dance drama originally directed by Zhang Jigang, a famous dramatist and director; La Corsaire, a ballet given by the Liaoning Ballet of China; The Dancing Serbia, a large-scale dance of the National Theatre of Serbia; an Irish tap dance The Footstorm; a singing and dancing party given by Russia's Little Birch Dance Troup; Foot on Fire (FUEGO EN LOS PIES), a classic Spanish dance; a rock musical The Murder and Hanging Garden, created by Meng Jinghui; The Message to An Unknown Lover, a dance drama adapted from the works of the same name written by Kevin Tsai (Chinese name: Cai Kangyong); and a South Korean comic musical BIBAP – Mixed Rice. (Translated by Chen Siyan, Fathom Language Limited)

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