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At FL, we believe our people are our most important assets. We hand-select only the most knowledgeable and reliable individuals who have mastered both the technical and linguistic subtleties of many subjects and languages, to become part of our team. These first-class translators, combined with the well-organized workflow and the controlled management, constitute our cost-effective quality assurance system.
First-class Translators
Translators at FL make us a professional team composed of language teachers in SISU and elite translators for the leading enterprises in Chongqing. With much background knowledge of your targeted industry, they utilize their ongoing or previous professional industry–specific experience to provide accurate document translation and interpretation for the industry they know from the inside out.
Well-organized Workflow                                                           
1) Project Analysis: Project manager analyzes your source language and its industry in relation to the language of your intended audience and your targeted market and customers.
2) Project Preparation: Project manager hand-selects professional foreign language translators and editors of your targeted industry.
3) Glossary Development: Project manager organizes expert linguists of your industry to develop a glossary and send it to you for approval. Once approved, our translators will follow the same convention to keep consistency in terminology.
4)Translation: Project manager keeps close communication with translators so as to keep an eye on each word to convey the proper cultural meaning.
5)Text Edition: For a higher degree of accuracy and consistency, we will assign a specialized linguist, a native of your target country, to proofread and edit your document for grammar, spelling and overall accuracy.   
6)DTP Operation: Cautious typesetting and professional DTP operation assure you of a clear text and it’s easy-to –read translation with no changes to the format, graphics and diagrams.
7) Client Feedback: Return the completed translations to you in the same format and layout as your source files and adapt our service to your satisfaction.
Controlled Management
Well-organized workflow, proper staffing and translator- specific responsibility constitute our consummate management system, and assure our clients of accurate and prompt translation
Regular examination and evaluation of FL translators 'linguistic knowledge and work ethics are executed to assure our translation quality.

FL strictly observes the code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices of the translators’ Association of China, and will sign a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement at the request of clients.

Notarization Materials: education credentials, school report cards, diploma, health certificate, deposit proof-card, permanent residence card, authorization certificate, quality assurance certificate, business entity license, certificate of deposit balance
Bids Documents for: machinery, automobiles, electric appliances, apparatus, meters, civil engineering, whole-set equipment
Technical Brochures: products Introduction, technical standards, installation & maintenance certificate, patent manuals, craftwork procedure and user’s guidebook
Corporate Documents: references, business correspondence, balance sheet, cash flow statement, tax payment certificate, feasibility  reports on bank loans, feasibility studies, foreign trade bills, legal documents, corporate contracts and agreements
Media Materials: publicity materials, employee-training stuff websites localization, TV and film scrip editing and voice-over, documentary, new products brief
Press Room: translation for publications of textbooks, magazines, works and training stuff

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