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Comic map avails Chongqing college students

Date:2013/09/09 10:53

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Traffic routes leading to different institutions of higher learning marked on the Chongqing College Student Map.


CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- The first Chongqing College Student Map produced by Chongqing Geographic Information Center and Chongqing Geographic Map Bookstore was issued on September 5th, 2013. In addition to the introduction of Chongqing’s geography, culture and customs, the map includes the common Chongqing dialect, recommended specialty of each college canteen and traffic transfer route between colleges in the main urban districts, etc.

There is a detailed drawing of Chongqing’s main urban districts on the map, said the head of Chongqing Geographic Information Center. Attaching importance on each college and university in Chongqing, it demonstrates information on governmental departments, enterprises and institutions, hospitals, communities, scenic spots, passenger stations and airports. Fresh college students who firstly come to Chongqing (known as the Mountain City) could go wherever they want at a glance.

Chongqing College Student Map also made a comic version of 24 institutions of higher learning in the main urban districts with their symbolic buildings as icons. The comic version prepares illustrated explanations for each college such as the year of establishment and location, etc., according to the head. (Translated by Yu Ting, Fathom Language Limited)


Map provided by Chongqing Geographic Information Center.


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