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Chongqing Culture & Art Festival opens

Date:2013/09/26 01:31

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“Hua Mulan”, an acrobatic show originated in Chongqing.

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- The 4th Chongqing Culture and Art Festival of China will be held from October 28th to November 28th.

“Hua Mulan”, an acrobatic show originating in Chongqing, will be on the stage on the heels of the short opening ceremony on the Art Festival.

The Organizing Committee has especially prepared 2,400 entrance tickets for 24 shows as “low-price preferential tickets”. To meet the needs of low income audience members and student groups, these tickets will go on sale at 80 yuan.

Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee has also arranged 6 shows oriented to different requirements and has invited 8,000 grass-roots members to enjoy splendid plays in different styles and forms in the theatre. (Translated by Yu Ting, Fathom Language Limited)


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